Creative Think Minds Organizational Skills

Organizational Skills
Grades 3-12

Many students are bright and motivated, but still struggle in school because they have difficulty turning in homework assignments, remembering assignments, remembering due dates of projects, studying for quizzes and tests and finding the necessary notes and papers in their binders to do their schoolwork.

Students like these need better organizational skills to help them scaffold their learning activities. CreativeThinkMinds coaches start with the basics (like helping a student to excavate and categorize the crumpled papers in their backpack), and move on to help students construct a firm foundation of organizational skills that will help them use their time effectively in both school and life. CreativeThinkMinds coaches teach students organizational skills like:

Turning in assignments promptly and good study skills can make a significant, positive difference in a student’s GPA - and relieves unnecessary stress, allowing students to enjoy learning, school and life.