Public & Specialized Schools Admissions Guidance

Consultation: The New York City High School admissions process is complex and can vary considerably from school to school. At CreativeThinkMinds, we begin this process with a family consultation during which the High School Admissions coach helps both parents and students to understand and organize the many questions they will have to answer: Which high school is right for student and family?  How does the process even work?  Is a specialized, charter or alternative school a better fit? Will the student need a portfolio? If so, how do we assemble one and what should we include?

Process: Working together, the CreativeThinkMinds coach, student and family identify and discuss the student’s high school goals, paying particular attention to both immediate needs and the longer-term educational plan. A comprehensive student profile of information about the student’s desires, talents and academic interests and achievements is created. The coach, with input from student and parents, then uses this profile to identify high schools that have the potential to be a good fit educationally and socially. Finally, the CreativeThinkMinds coach guides student and family through each step of the process, from ranking the desirability of the schools to creating and submitting strong applications for the desired schools.

Schedule: Appointments are scheduled individually.

Fees: Families may purchase packages, which result in a per session discount, or choose to pay at the beginning of each month for their monthly sessions.